You have seen air compressors in a wide range and are used for various purposes. Gas stations are used for the inflation of tires and also utilize compressed air for the removal of tires and air tools. Moreover, air compressors are also found in airbrushes and powering jackhammers at construction sites.

The most astounding fact is that there are a lot of air compressors around us in different structures hence we can’t even know about them. The use of a rotary screw compressor is not only for leisure but is also used for maintenance at home or even business platforms. Let us understand the procedure of compressed air in a rotary screw compressor.

Compression of Air in Air Compressor

The process of air compression is done by applying force to the atmospheric air under certain pressure so that potential energy can be created and then this energy can be stored in a particular tank for use in the future. When the compressed air is released deliberately, it builds pressure and the potential energy stored in a tank will convert into kinetic energy.

The kinetic energy obtained here is used to power different kinds of pneumatic tools and hence is usable. We can say that the working of an industrial air compressor is just like a combustion engine. For the transfer of energy to do different kinds of tasks, a pump cylinder, crankshaft, and piston are used in the air compressor.

Different objects like inflatable pool toys and tires are filled with air because of this technology and power is being supplied by the air compressor so that tools like nail guns, spray guns and grinders can be operated easily. Air compressors are highly recommended because they are more long-lasting, lightweight, compact and portable as compared to the old fashion machinery.

Drawbacks and Benefits of Rotary Screw Compressor

Rotary screw compressors have rollers that help in the compression of air and distance is not required in this type of air compressor. In the middle of the central shaft, rollers are located and this location is preferred to make sure that one side of the roller is always attached to the wall.

The rollers are made to power heavily so that they can run at a fast speed and the compression of air can be performed. Given are some of the position points as well as the drawbacks of a rotary screw compressor.


  • They are very easy to maintain and no special skills are required for their working
  • The initial capital price of a rotary screw compressor is very low. Therefore, they are highly recommended in different areas for different purposes.
  • The power capacity provided by the rotary screw compressor is very good compared to the other machinery.
  • As compared to other available compressor types, rotary screw compressors are more energy efficient. By using rotary screw compressors, you can save a lot of your money as they are designed to be operated with less power.
  • The other most amazing and appearing benefit of rotary screw compressors is that they are generally small in size and are designed to be more compact as compared to other compressor types. Therefore, if you are having space issues, you can still benefit from it.
  • While compression of air, the screw compressor will never make a loud sound and hence compressing of air using a rotary screw compressor can be done even near residential areas.


  • A rotary screw compressor has a negative point and that is it demands continuous maintenance checks from its user.
  • The cooling ability exhibited by a rotary screw compressor is very limited.
  • The working of rotary screw compressors sometimes becomes complex for beginners.

Ending Remarks

The compression of air has become the easiest task just because of the invention of rotary screw compressors. Although there are lots of compressor types, rotary screw compressors have made their significant position in the market.


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